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Introducing the Ads Accelerator™, a new done-with-you program from Tier 11 to scale up your Facebook campaigns with help from our agency media buying team.


Premier Facebook Marketing Partner

We've been recognized by Facebook at their highest level available for partner agencies. 

In other words, we know how to get results.

The Problem

Business is good. You’re growing, but you haven’t quite cracked the code on Facebook ads yet.

You’re busy beyond belief and want an outside team to take over managing and scaling your ads but the numbers don’t quite support paying for outside help.

The Solution

Enter the Facebook Ads Accelerator™.  

The Accelerator’s goal is to help you go from spending a few thousand dollars a month on Facebook ads to tens of thousands a month in profitable ad spend.

At that point you can hire an outside team to take over management of your ads and get back to running your business.

We're here for you every week.

What Is The Tier 11 Ads Accelerator™?

The Tier 11 Ads Accelerator™ is a weekly group coaching program that is meant to speed up your ability to scale your Facebook & Instagram ads by receiving advice and guidance from The Tier 11 Media Buying and Strategy Team.

Our team currently manages over $5 million/month in profitable ad spend and has scaled Facebook & Instagram ad campaigns for hundreds of businesses over the past ten-plus years - ever since Facebook offered paid advertising!

Humbly speaking, we are really good at what we do as Facebook and Instagram is the only thing we do at Tier 11! And we know that with our help you can start scaling your ad spend profitably while helping maximize your return on ad spend (ROAS).

How does it work?

In order to get you the best possible results, after joining, you will be immediately redirected to an intake form to tell us more about your business. 

After you complete the intake form, you will be taken to the Ads Accelerator Learning Center™, where there are hundreds of hours of audio programs, reference videos, templates, checklists and resources.

At the heart of The Ads Accelerator™ is the weekly group calls. These weekly calls will be done in a round-robin, hot seat and general Q&A format in a group call format. All calls will be moderated, managed and taught by Tier 11 Media Buying and Strategy Team - all with the goal of providing priceless individual and group learnings within the context of a structured group coaching format.

All Tier 11 Media Buyers are Facebook Blueprint certified. 

What You'll Get Access To

Weekly Mentorship Calls

Access some of the sharpest minds in Facebook & Instagram advertising each week. Our Media Buyers are collectively spending millions of dollars each month on Facebook & Instagram.

Ads Accelerator Learning Center™

In-depth videos covering marketing topics ranging from ad copy to website optimizing. These are the same training videos our Media Buyers must go through before buying any media for our clients. 


Private Facebook Group

Got a question? You'll be apart of a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who are building their business from the ground up. Ask away and network all while growing your connections and knowledge. 

Frequently asked questions about Ads Accelerator™

Ideally your business will also have been around for 6-12 months and be profitable. This is not meant to be for brand new businesses that have unproven markets or products.

The program is meant for people who are not absolute beginners when it comes to Facebook ads. That means in order to be a fit, you should already be spending $2,000 to $5,000 a month or more on Facebook ads.

Totally! The program is aimed primarily for e-commerce companies but can also work well for info-marketers.

The Ads Accelerator™ is a great way to stay in tune with the latest and greatest of what is working with paid social. 

We are firm believers in on-going education. The program is designed to be hands on learning for all members. Currently, we have capped the group to 25 members.

Although there aren't any specific skillsets required, the members who have seen the most success all have the following in common:

Results Driven
Analytical Mindset
Passion for their business
Goal Oriented
Customer Focused

The Ads Accelerator™ is an annual program, meaning after you pay, you’ll get 12 months of access. Additionally, you’ll also get access to any courses, programs, or tools we release as part of the program later on.

"My business partner Chet and I were talking the other day and Tier 11 came up as an example of the perfect partner relationship. Chet and I are both super stoked to be working with Tier 11. Chet’s words were: ‘who the hell doesn’t want to work with Ralph Burns and his team? Only if you do NOT like making money!!"

Dan Denley
CEO GuitarZoom

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